Clubs & Activities

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Clubs & Activities

With more than 30 clubs and activities to choose from, there’s something for everyone at Sea, and we don’t currently have something that interest you, we’ll create it!  From our Robotics Program to our Holy Name Society and Ladies of Charity, more than two thirds of our student body is involved in a club or activity after school.

We encourage our students to create their own clubs as well.  For example, last year because of student interest, we formed an Ultimate Frisbee Club, DJ Club and Comic Book Club.

Sea Activities

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Fine Arts Department

Sea also boasts an impressive Fine Arts Department which features our Jazz Band, Chorus, Viking Voices, Art, Drama, and Musical divisions.  With a Spring Musical Production and a Fall Drama production students interested in theater are able to work on projects the entire year.

Fine Arts At Sea

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Clubs & Activities List

  • Altar Servers
  • Art Club
  • Book Club
  • Chess Club
  • C.C.D. Teachers
  • Chorus
  • Communion & Liberation
  • Conservation Club
  • Homecoming Committee
  • DJ Club
  • Fashion Club
  • Film Club
  • Future Business Leaders
  • History Club
  • Holy Name Society
  • Hospital Aides
  • I.T.V. Team
  • Ladies of Charity
  • Lectors Society
  • National Honors Society
  • Newspaper: Viking Press
  • Performing Arts
  • Robotics Club
  • Surf Club
  • Senior Brothers & Sisters
  • Speech & Debate Club
  • Spring Musical
  • Stitchery Club
  • Student Council
  • TV Studio: WSJS
  • Theater Club
  • Yearbook: Saga
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club

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