Tuition At Sea

Did you know that Sea tuition is among the least expensive on Staten Island?  As of 2014, the current tuition is $6,850 per year which includes student iPad’s.  We strive to keep our tuition affordable in order to offer students and families the most advanced high school education grounded on Catholic Faith and Values.  We also offer a 20% sibling discount for families with more than one child.  In addition, we also give out more academic scholarship money than all the other Catholic high schools on Staten Island combined.


Tour Our Campus

Interested in Sea, but not sure if it’s for you?  Why not come spend some time with us on a tour.  While other schools offer what they call “shadowing” here at Sea we provide interested students with a Sea Experience.  Rather than sit with one of our students through classes all day, we give you a tour of our facilities, give you a flavor of our curriculum and classes, and end it all with a complimentary lunch in our cafeteria.  To schedule your experience you can send an email by clicking
, or dial (718) 984-6500 and ask to speak with Mr. Bob Richard.


Dial (718) 984-6500 For Tour Information

General Overview

St. Joseph by-the-Sea is not necessarily the right school for every young person and this is reflected in the Admissions process.

Likewise, an applicant must prove that he/she is capable of doing the work by scoring well on the TACHs test.  The TACHs test has always been a good indicator of student performance at Sea and is the uniform standard of measurement for applicants’ academic abilities.

Finally, an applicant should demonstrate a desire to attend Sea by listing the school as his/her first choice.  While second choice applicants can be considered, third choice applicants are not considered for admissions.

On Wednesday, January 15th, letters were mailed to each applicant indicating the status of the application.  These letters fall into the following categories:

  • Accepted with Honors:  This means that the applicant has been accepted into the Honors Program at Sea.
  • Accepted:  This means that the applicant has been accepted into the standard College Prep program.
  • Waiting List:  This means that we believe that the student could do the work, but we do not have a seat to offer the student.
  • Not accepted:  This means that we believe that the applicant does not meet our requirements for admissions.

If a student is offered an academic scholarship, that will come as a separate letter mailed the same day.

The following week those students who have been accepted to Sea are invited to attend a welcoming event at Sea.  Details will be included in the letter of acceptance.

To be considered for Admissions, an applicant must be a baptized Roman Catholic who has received (or will receive) Confirmation.

Admission Process

Admission to St. Joseph by-the-Sea is competitive and based primarily on the student’s performance on the Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools Exam (TACHS Exam).

All applicants are required to take this standardized aptitude and achievement test. Selection is based on scores obtained on the exam.

Baptized Roman Catholic students of Staten Island (or those who will be) who have received (or those who will receive) First Communion and Confirmation and indicate Sea as their first or second choice are considered for admission.

The number of boys and girls accepted into the freshman year is based on our overall enrollment objectives. Usually, 190 boys and 190 girls are admitted.

St. Joseph by-the-Sea is not staffed to provide for IEP students with special needs.

Graduation Requirements


  • 4 years of English and pass the Regents Examination in English;
  • 4 years of Social Studies and pass the Regents Examinations in both U.S. History and Global Studies;
  • 4 years of Mathematics (and pass the Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2/Trigonometry Regents or the equivalent as the law changes);
  • 4 years of Science and pass Regents Examinations for Biology, Chemistry, and either Physics or Earth Science;
  • 3 years of Modern Foreign Language and pass a Comprehensive Foreign Language Examination;
  • 4 years of Religious Studies and pass the Religion Competency Exam in senior year;
  • 4 years of Physical Education;
  • One semester of Health;
  • One semester PSAT Math;
  • One semester PSAT English;
  • One semester American History Writing Lab
  • One semester of Art;
  • One semester of Music;
  • Senior Courses in Writing and Speech or an approved substitute.

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Did you know that Sea has special transportation for students who commute from the North Shore and Brooklyn? Call us at (718) 984-6500 for more information.